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Ambassadors were briefed by Nicholas Haysom, head of the UN Mission in the country, UNMISS, who updated them on the latest political, humanitarian and human rights developments.,venue for adventure games mumbai,“We salute the Yazidis’ resilience in preserving their culture and heritage despite ISIL attempts to erase them, and in spite of the countless challenges the community continues to face. We shall not forget those who were killed, injured or traumatized, nor those who remain missing: the search for them must continue until this painful chapter is closed.” ,Ms Sherzai said the unwritten code to silence women runs deep in Kunduz. “Women don’t want to talk because they are under threat, but also because of traditional restrictions, including fathers and husbands forbidding them from talking.”.

“We are in the midst of a cycle of violence that must be stopped immediately,” Tor Wennesland said in a statement on Wednesday. ,“Once in force, the CTBT will serve as an essential element of a nuclear weapons-free world. In order to achieve this world, we all aspire to, a universal and effectively verifiable prohibition on nuclear testing is a fundamental necessity,” he said. ,Whether it’s homicide, road accidents, suicide, cardiovascular disease - time and time again, men are doing worse than women - Dr. Richard Cibulskis, WHO,best indian online poker.

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Furthermore, he had “no doubt” that the funding will come from frozen Russian assets, which total billions.,best indian online games,UNICEF reported that the largest decline in child marriage in the last 10 years occurred in South Asia..

In 2010 the General Assembly set aside 23 June each year to pay tribute to the millions of living spouses who endure extreme poverty, ostracism, violence, homelessness and discrimination.,Meanwhile, two of the UN’s top aid officials focused on the untold suffering the Syrian people have endured since the war began, including loss of life, livelihood, home and hope. ,best indian online poker,Women and girls trapped in these forced unions face violence, abuse, restrictions on movement and isolation from their parents and friends. .

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“This step builds on the progress achieved upon the signing of the Political Framework Agreement on 5 December 2022, and marks another important step forward towards realizing the aspirations of the Sudanese people for democracy, peace and sustainable development,” said UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric. ,Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and displaced persons remain in need of protection, shelter and lifesaving health services.  ,This victims-first approach means encouraging people to report allegations, investigating these claims with compassion, and holding perpetrators accountable. .

venue for adventure games mumbai,The evidence gathered to date by the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM), which is outlined in its Annual Report, indicates that sexual and gender-based crimes, including rape and other forms of sexual violence, and crimes against children have been perpetrated by members of the security forces and armed groups.,The decline in incidents is the result of concerted efforts by national authorities, supported by regional and international partners, both on land and at sea. .

She added that “Syrians can come together to rescue their country and focus on its future”, but it was up to the international community and those invested in a diplomatic end to the fighting, to “advance a sustainable, inclusive political solution”, and “correct Syria’s trajectory”, moving instead to a ceasefire and lasting peace.,Furthermore, strikes attributed to Israel hit Damascus, Homs, Hama and Latakia, prompting Syrian Government anti-aircraft fire in response.  There also were reports of airstrikes on the border between Syria and Iraq, among other incidents. ,The involvement of women in key political debates and decision-making that impacts them, means these issues “are paid greater attention.”.

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“There are formidable barriers to overcome,” he continued. “We are calling for an international effort to turn the tide.” ,This is partly because adolescent girls are still growing and are at great risk of complications if they become pregnant. Yet the report finds that child brides are less likely to receive proper medical care while pregnant or to deliver in a health facility, compared to women who married as adults.,“The prospect of another cyclone was scary,” says Monica, who lives in Mbenje in Malawi’s Nsanje District. “We lived through the same experience with Cyclone Idai and then Cyclone Kenneth. We had to rebuild from scratch.”.

best indian online games,“The ceasefire remains in place as I speak,” said Mr. Wennesland, updating on events between 5 and 7 August, which marked the worst outbreak of fighting since May 2021. ,The UN Secretary-General said in a statement later in the day, that he deeply regretted the Taliban's suspension of the return to school for high school girls..

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Better use of the potential offered by the full breadth of the society – including women and men – will help humanity address the radical challenges it confronts such as climate change, clean energy, food security and health, stressed the WIPO chief.,best indian online games,His appearance there, reportedly coincided with an indictment by the High Court in Islamabad, in a separate corruption case brought by the Election Commission, involving allegations that he sold millions of dollars-worth of State gifts – charges which the former premier and cricket star, has also denied..

Women and girls trapped in these forced unions face violence, abuse, restrictions on movement and isolation from their parents and friends. ,My province is very isolated. Mountains and unpaved and bumpy roads discourage people from travelling outside the province unless there is an urgent need. Fearing the damage along the way, shopkeepers do not bring bakery products from Kabul—the capital city of Afghanistan and the main hub where food, clothes and everyday essentials are transported to other provinces. I decided to produce all of these in my province.  First, I opened the bakery business, then I rented my own shop in town, where I sold other items produced by women—handicrafts that celebrate our culture and clothes for women and children.,best indian online poker,The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) convened the panel discussion, entitled Safe Journalists, Strong Democracies: How on and offline attacks on women journalists are hurting us all, drawing attention to numerous ways women journalists can be placed in vulnerable settings – in the workplace, the field and online – leaving them open to harassment, intimidation and violence..

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“To capitalize on this opportunity, federal and State authorities must collaborate closely to achieve progress on the new government’s goals, including improving governance and justice, effectively countering Al-Shabaab, and responding urgently to the worsening humanitarian crisis,” he said.,best indian online poker,The UN’s advocates have helped women to reintegrate into society. ,At least 200 million girls and women alive today in 30 countries around the world have been subjected to female genital mutilation – a range of procedures that can cause extreme physical and psychological pain, prolonged bleeding, HIV, infertility and death, UNICEF said..

Mr. Grandi expressed hope that these dimensions “will be in clearer focus” at the COP27 UN climate change conference, opening this weekend in Egypt, and at its successor conference in a year’s time.  ,However, the challenging political and security dynamics in the Sahel – and uncertain outcomes of transitions in Mali and Burkina Faso, in particular – has already slowed Joint Force operations.  The G5 Sahel, meanwhile, has not convened a high-level political meeting since November 2021, while its Defence and Security Committee has not met in over six months. ,Mr. Perthes announced on Sunday that he had convinced the two warring parties to the current fighting to briefly pause hostilities, on humanitarian grounds, between four and seven PM, local time.,best indian online games.

The UN experts who issued the statement are Fabián Salvioli, Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, and Mr. Morris Tidball-Binz, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.  ,indian cricket team doctor name,According to news reports, the incident happened in the Neve Yaakov district in the middle of the evening local time. Israeli police said the attacker, identified as a Palestinian from the Shu’fat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, had been “neutralized” at the scene.,“These findings are a global wake-up call, and I urge all to join us in demanding: ‘It’s her turn,’” he added..

“Mali is ushering in a critical year in terms of returning to constitutional order,” he said, with several votes scheduled starting in March.  ,Families are struggling to put food on the table more and more day by day and there are literally no jobs, putting violence at home on the rise. Women who were sole wage-earners have lost their employment—this is impacting their mental health. Schools are closed for girls; they feel like they have been robbed of their hopes. It is also becoming harder to engage men in the community to protect women against harmful practices and social norms.,“I told myself that I should travel to Kabul and buy additional equipment, including a fridge, before I expanded my bakery business. This dream never came true as my country fell into the hands of the Taliban.,best indian online poker.

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 The conflict in Ukraine is driving up global food and fuel prices; senior UN officials are concerned that rising costs will push more people into hunger and could lead to political instability and social unrest in some parts of Africa, where food prices have increased by a third since last year.,"The items in this exhibition are very important to me, because they remind us of the lives, the experiences of our people who are gone, who are no longer here. It's up to us to talk about them and tell their stories, and how their lives were taken away.,Bilohorivka is close to the Government-held city of Severodonetsk, where heavy fighting was reported in the suburbs on Saturday..

venue for adventure games mumbai,There will also be a panel convened by young change-makers and passionate advocates for girls in science from around the world, which aims to give girls the chance to gain core leadership skills, and the opportunity to present a vision for the use of science, to achieve sustainable development goals.,Highlighting the impact on society, she said their “easy accessibility, affordability and almost universal outreach, have unlocked an immense opportunity for mankind, while also exposing vulnerable users to actors with nefarious agendas.” .

Regarding the ethnic chapter, the report underlined the importance of its cross-cutting provisions to address historical demands of indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.  Attention was also focused on the challenges that these communities continue to face, including insecurity in some regions of the country. ,“There is no time to spare,” said Tor Wennesland, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.,“We are in the midst of a cycle of violence that must be stopped immediately,” Tor Wennesland said in a statement on Wednesday. .

The Deputy to the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs said the transfers of weapons systems and ammunition from Western governments backing Kyiv, was no secret, including battle tanks, combat aircraft, missile systems and helicopters.,“I demand the immediate and complete cessation of all violence against civilians including sexual violence,” stated Special Representative Patten, noting that the RSF have consistently been listed in the UN Secretary-General’s annual report on conflict-related sexual violence.,Since the conflict started in northeastern Nigeria nearly nine years ago, at least 2,295 teachers have been killed and more than 1,400 schools have been destroyed. Most of these schools have not reopened because of extensive damage or ongoing insecurity..

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“Only by prosecuting and referring to such barbaric acts as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, will we be able to deliver justice to the many victims and survivors and ensure that their voices are heard,” he said.,While thanking those in attendance for “joining us to sound the call for peace”, Secretary-General António Guterres reminded that “today, peace is under assault”.  ,“This proposal is not about Russia alone. It will work for the benefit of all those who are being threatened now or might be threatened later by use of force,” he said..

venue for adventure games mumbai,While recognizing women’s leadership across all walks of life, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned that “in too many areas, the clock on women’s rights is moving backwards”, with COVID-19 a prime example. ,“States have the primary obligation for preventing genocide, but religious and community leaders, civil society, the private sector and the media – including social media platforms, play an essential role,” he said. .

“National elections took place well over seven months ago and multiple deadlines for the formation of a government have been missed,” Special Representative Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert told the Security Council.,He also urged the parties to provide the agency with immediate, secure and unfettered access to the site. ,“It is vital that these food shipments continue and increase, so commodity markets further stabilize,” he said. .

Fearing stigma, sometimes feeling depressed or shamed, pregnant refugee women are often reluctant to admit that they were raped, according to medical and aid workers in the camp. But these workers, from non-governmental groups, told Mr. Gilmour that “they can just see from the faces of the girls who are pregnant that something terrible happened”, he reported.,The mission has also made quantifiable progress in implementing the Somali Transition Plan, which calls for the handover of security to the Government. ,At a regular press briefing on Monday in Geneva, he recalled that when the Committee met three months ago, WHO had received reports of three million COVID-19 cases and more than 200,000 deaths..

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