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“I am here to focus on ways on how the UN can expand support for the people of Ukraine, saving lives, reduce suffering and help find the path of peace”, Secretary-General António Guterres told reporters from across the world gathered in a stately room, with curtains drawn.,uber eats icc offer,The Secretary-General’s remarks came on World Humanitarian Day, and he recognized humanitarians “and the many millions of people they strive to help everyday”. ,At the national level, he urged governments to help the vulnerable, especially the people in the informal sector, and small and medium sized enterprises. At the international level, vulnerable countries must be provided with fiscal space to avert economic collapse, he added. .

Under the theme “South-East Asian Support for the Rights of the Palestinian People”, the two-day Conference – which brought together over 300 Government and civil society representatives – was organized by the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, in partnership with the Government of Malaysia and the Perdana Global Peace Foundation.,“Many developing countries were already struggling to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: record inflation; rising interest rates; unmanageable debt burdens”, he said, adding that now, “they face skyrocketing food, energy and fertilizer bills.”,“Positive steps are now needed to avoid backsliding”, he told the ministerial-level meeting.  ,unity casino games.

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Stronger accountability mechanisms and systematic care services for survivors are needed to decisively address this scourge. She said it is also critical for armed forces to strengthen their training to prevent such abuse, and for prevention measures to be adequately reflected in legislation criminalizing sexual violence.,unity card game tutorial,The UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the CAR, known by its French acronym MINUSCA, launched an operation on Saturday to expel from Boyo, in Ouaka prefecture, around 200 members of the armed group Unity for Peace in Central Africa (UPC)..

Hailed as a ceasefire by some governments and a five-day pause in hostilities by others on Thursday, the agreement comes nine days into a military campaign launched by Turkey against Kurdish-held territory on its southern border, east of the Euphrates river. ,“The year 2020 was like no other in the history of the United Nations”, Secretary-General António Guterres said. ,unity casino games,The statement from UN Secretary-General António Guterres, comes in the wake of the deal, brokered by the United States and formally announced by President Donald Trump on Friday in a three-way call with the prime ministers of Sudan and Israel at the White House..

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Lt. Gen. Guha appealed on both parties to prevent inflicting further misery on an already suffering population, and reiterated the call for freedom of movement for UNMHA to enable its military monitors to access sites of recent and significant military hostilities. ,“It should be obvious to everyone just how high the stakes have become”, said Hans Grundberg, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, recalling attacks in January by Ansar Allah – also known as the Houthis - on the UAE.,The mission continues to take action to protect peacekeepers from another threat: attacks. Last month, three blue helmets were killed and four injured when their convoy hit a roadside bomb in northern Mali..

uber eats icc offer,Mr. Guterres declared that the UN will continue to accompany the people and Government of Guinea-Bissau in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace and development in the country, and to fully implement urgent reforms.,“Resettlement is not a solution for all the world’s refugees, but it is a life saving measure to ensure the protection of those most at risk and whose lives often depend on it”, said Grainne O’Hara, UNHCR’s Director of International Protection..

OCHA said reports indicate that although a number of residents have fled the camp, most remain behind.,He added that “In today’s world, more so, it should be seen as the essence of a new humanity based on inner oneness and outer diversity.” ,Resolution sponsors Germany, Belgium and Kuwait pushed for the continued delivery of aid through two crossing points in Turkey and one in Iraq..

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Police stations have also come under fire. One policeman was killed and another injured when armed assailants attacked all three police stations in Cité-Soleil on Saturday, stealing several weapons. ,unity card game tutorial,UNAMID continues to work with the relevant authorities at all levels to restore calm and prevent further violence, it said..

“He regards this as yet another tragic demonstration of antisemitism - perpetrated on the holy day of Yom Kippur - which needs to be fought with the utmost determination,” it said.,Speaking before the vote, South African Ambassador Mathu Joyini explained that despite the success of the Ukraine-sponsored draft, her country had put forward its draft with the focus that the humanitarian situation, be the immediate priority.,unity casino games,Mankeur Ndiaye, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of UN peacekeeping operation, MINUSCA, underlined the need to maintain “positive momentum” as the authorities strive to achieve democracy and stability in the wake of presidential and parliamentary elections. .

The UN agency has appealed for 8 million to support operations on the ground, where it is working with partners in the areas of protection, education, health, nutrition, and water and sanitation. ,unity casino games,This will involve the repatriation of troops, their vehicles and other equipment; the separation of international and national staff; and the closure of UNAMID’s team sites and offices.,"The Secretary-General calls for prompt, effective and transparent investigations into these incicents, to ensure accountability", said the statement, adding that "urgent de-escalation" was needed. The UN chief called for the parties to meet the UN Special Envoy "to advance the political process, to reach an negotiated settlement to end the conflict.".

I suffered a lot. The conditions were filthy and stinking, and we were infested with lice.,“The country’s economy has reached new depths of collapse, and a third wave of the pandemic is threatening to crash the country’s already fragile health-care system”, Humanitarian Affairs chief Martin Griffiths told world leaders at the meeting: Yemen: Responding to the crises within the world's largest humanitarian crisis.,In November 2019, on the International Day to End Impunity Against Journalists, UNESCO launched a campaign, #KeepTruthAlive, to draw attention to the dangers faced by journalists close to their homes, highlighting the fact that 93 per cent of those killed worked locally. The campaign featured an interactive map, providing a vivid demonstration of the scale and breadth of the dangers faced by journalists worldwide.,unity card game tutorial.

Warning of an impending humanitarian crisis, the World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday said that if nothing is done to tackle hunger in the region, a whole generation could be at risk.,download gin rummy apk,In a statement calling for aerial bombardments that target drug facilities to stop,  the UN mission and OHCHR noted that although the tactic was not new, “this was the first time that UNAMA had received reports of a large number of civilian casualties resulting from such an operation”.,“No matter how high barriers – physical and legislative – may be, desperate people will seek ways to reach safety”, he continued. “Managing borders, sharing responsibility and respecting human rights are compatible”. .

At least 28 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in the four-hour attack that began late in the evening of 12 December (local time), now claimed by the Boko Haram terrorist group. The town shelters over 30,000 refugees and displaced, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). ,One year after the fall of Sudan’s former longtime ruler, Omar al-Bashir, the country’s dire economic situation, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to present massive challenges and threatens to reverse the accomplishments of the Sudanese revolution thus far, which saw a joint military and civilian Transitional Government installed last September. ,With Afghanistan back under de facto Taliban rule, women and girls are now regarded as second-class citizens, said former leading parliamentarian, Fawzia Koofi, adding, “literally, they are making us invisible again.” ,unity casino games.

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Citing the State Border Guard Service, UN aid coordination office, OCHA, said that 30,000 people are crossing back into Ukraine every day.,“Neither Amal nor his lawyers or family have been informed of the reasons for his arrest and detention. Amal suffers from a severe autoimmune disease that requires continuous medical treatment and monitoring,” they said. ,“It’s causing a problem right across Africa now”, he said, noting that he had never seen such high levels of weapons contamination in his 40-year career..

uber eats icc offer,Despite progress, Ms. DiCarlo reported political forces in Sudan are increasingly fragmented.  Disagreements have surfaced following the recent establishment of a new body, the Council of Partners for the Transitional Period, while formation of the Transitional Legislative Council has been postponed until 31 December. ,“Urgent efforts are required by the Syrian Government to support as many children as possible to return to education.  Armed groups holding territory also need to act with haste to facilitate access to education,” said Karen AbuZayd, one of the commissioners. .

Nearly 200 civilians were killed over the past six days alone in renewed clashes between the Arab Rzeigat and African Masalit communities, around the town of Kereneik. , The pro-government MPs were sentenced in absentia earlier this week by the Houthi-controlled Specialized Criminal Court in the capital, Sana’a. ,The humanitarian charter flight, worth 8,000, was organized by UPS, the American package delivery company, through its team in Dubai, and the company fully covered the transportation costs. .

Media reports state the attacks occurred on Monday when armed men intercepted four vehicles transporting villagers from a weekly market. ,Despite its prevalence in all regions of the world, there are persistent low levels of prosecutions and convictions of traffickers. ,Police stations have also come under fire. One policeman was killed and another injured when armed assailants attacked all three police stations in Cité-Soleil on Saturday, stealing several weapons. .

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“At-risk countries should maintain their work with partners to improve their preparedness for detecting and managing imported or locally acquired cases, including the transparent sharing of detailed information on suspect cases”, said the experts, citing WHO norms and guidance.  ,Special Representative Helen La Lime, who also heads the UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH), outlined the need for structural reforms to tackle gang violence, address impunity and corruption, strengthen the justice system and sustainably transform the economy.,Following the US Administration’s decision to pull out of the deal, in July 2019, Iran reportedly breached its uranium stockpile limit, announcing its intention to continue enriching uranium..

uber eats icc offer,Importantly, the action required to carry out the decisions of the Security Council for the maintenance of international peace and security shall be taken by all the Members of the United Nations or by some of them, as the Security Council may determine pursuant to Chapter VII.,The OPCW secretariat has requested Syria to provide information on the “exact types and qualities” of agents produced and/or weaponized, but the country is yet to respond, Ms. Nakamitsu added. .

Just last month, the Secretary-General launched the United Nations Plan of Action to Safeguard Religious Sites which aims to protect these locations from attacks and guarantee the safety of those who want to worship in peace.,In presenting the latest UN report on ISIL, Vladimir Voronkov, head of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, urged the international community to remain united in fighting the group’s reach, which extends to Africa, Europe and Asia. ,The Security Council will also hold a closed session on Wednesday where the head of UN Peacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, will brief the 15 ambassadors. .

More than half are displaced within the country, but 92,000 people have crossed into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), while more than 13,200 are now in Cameroon, Chad and the Republic of the Congo. ,Looking beyond the pandemic, the UN chief saw other areas for global concern, and thus the need for greater global cooperation and governance. ,In the summer of 2021, I was deeply enmeshed in the world of Headquarters. As Director of Communications and Spokesperson for the President of the General Assembly, it was my job to tell the press and public what was going on in the Organization’s most democratic body. My focus was on resolutions, declarations and high-level meetings. I was surrounded by words—but not seeing first-hand if or how those words were actually improving people’s lives..