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This figure is “consistent with statistics on cluster munition casualties for all time, and due to the indiscriminate and inhumane nature of the weapon,” said the Cluster Munition Coalition, the organization authoring the report.,twenty twenty cricket games download,Mr. Kőrösi’s has held several roles within his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his most recent post being Director of Environmental Sustainability at the Office of the President of Hungary. He has been involved with the UN for several years, and the Presidency probably won’t involve too much of a learning curve: Mr. Kőrösi  served as Vice-President of the General Assembly during the 67th session in 2011-2012.,“The humanitarian impact of home demolition is severe and long lasting. It is well documented in previous instances that the transfer of Bedouin communities into urban settings is socially and economically non-viable. The Khan al Ahmar-Abu al Helu community has repeatedly called for the provision of suitable planning solutions and services in its current location,” Mr. Anderson added..

“There is a humanitarian need, we can meet it and we can tell people a convincing and persuasive story about how their money is used if they provide us with more funds,” said Mark Lowcock, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, at a press conference held in the country’s capital, Pyongyang.,In a statement, Mr. Guterres also urged all parties in Syria to ensure safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to all areas of the country, where a brutal civil conflict has raged for more than seven years.,For the last 13 years, said the Secretary-General, the CERF has been at the forefront of the UN’s humanitarian response, allocating over .5 billion in life-saving assistance to over 100 countries and territories, thanks to the support of 126 Member States and Observers.,icc t20 champions trophy.

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twenty twenty cricket games download

“Mr. Griffiths”, the post read, “sincerely thanks all the parties who have made this humanitarian gesture possible and urges all Yemenis to work together in pursuit of peace and stability in Yemen.” The tweet featured on the Office of the Special Envoy’s account.,icc t20 champianship,VIDEO: UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Peter de Clercq, outlines the priorities in the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for the country..

Speaking alongside Mr. De Mistura, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock said that UN agencies and humanitarian organizations continue to deliver life-saving assistance to some two million people in north-west Syria through cross-border convoys from Turkey.,He compared the situation in the country to a bus “racing towards the edge of a cliff.” Instead of hitting the brakes and turning around, Mr. Lootsma said, “the one controlling the direction of the bus keeps going and pushes the accelerator, all but certain to crash.”,icc t20 champions trophy,“Children, wherever they are in Syria, must have access to healthcare. The evacuation of sick and wounded children from besieged areas should be a given, not part of bargaining efforts,” she warned..

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icc t20 champions trophy

The Head of State drew attention to attacks from neighbouring Rwanda along with what he saw as that country’s support of armed terrorist groups that are ravaging the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. ,Protecting citizens and liberating territory requires weapons, and Mr. Zelenskyy appealed for support. ,He stressed: “This is a critical time for Afghanistan. Help is needed there. Humanitarian assistance has to be given there immediately”..

twenty twenty cricket games download,As such, he said: “5.6 million Syrians in acute need cannot live on crumbs.”,“In an instant we all understood that the goal…was to destroy the summit…[but] five minutes later we put out a joint statement…condemning the attack and sanctifying life, cooperation and our belief that there is a different way,” Mr. Lapid said, adding that the summit continued, and agreements were signed..

“Responding to humanity’s most pressing challenges demands that we work together, and that we reinvigorate inclusive, networked, and effective multilateralism and focus on that what unites us”, he said.,The WFP and its partners, namely ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, “look forward to our ability to enter again in the future to continue delivering the much-needed humanitarian and food assistance to the people inside Eastern Ghouta,” she added, calling on all parties to the conflict to grant humanitarians safe access to deliver the much-needed food and other assistance.,“This is why FAO focuses on transforming vulnerability into resilience – so that when something bad happens families are better able to cope and feed themselves, people don't have to sell off their assets or flee, and communities can rebuild more quickly after the crisis passes,” Mr. Burgeon elaborated..

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“There is only one way to go. We must strengthen and stabilize the current government,” he said, arguing that if the world community “incentivises [the Taliban]” to respect human rights, keep terrorists off their soil and have an inclusive government, “it will be a win-win situation for everyone”.,icc t20 champianship,The Commissioner spoke with UN News’s Mustafa Al Gamal during a visit to UN Headquarters in New York, where he was reporting to the General Assembly on the situation of Palestine refugees and on the agency’s funding situation..

According to estimates, expected new contacts are at roughly 50 per case, which equals a total of 75,000 contacts in the next five months.,Some areas of Syria, however, are still not accessible to humanitarian organizations, and sustained access to many areas remains limited, explained Mr. Lowcock. Around 1.6 million people are living in areas that have seen control shift between warring parties. Up to one third of these people are living in areas classified as “hard-to-reach,” and aid has not reached 60 per cent of these locations.,icc t20 champions trophy,He went on to note that WHO has had one experience of a large-scale single-dose campaign in Bangladesh two years ago. It had proved effective for six months. After six months, there was still a 60 to 70 per cent effectiveness for severe cholera cases. After one year, the effectiveness had disappeared..

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Small trees, including neem, acacia, moringa, leucaena and moringa, dot the landscape of the Minawao camp where some 56,000 Nigerians have sought shelter from violence in their homeland. They have escaped the terror and brutal treatment meted out by the outlawed Boko Haram extremist group which has been attacking villages along the border with Cameroon for over a decade.,twenty twenty cricket games download,“However, we are faced with serious challenges and fast-paced developments which compel us to consider more realistic and practical options to help avoid a political impasse that could undermine the upcoming elections and put us back at square one,” he said. ,At a press briefing on Wednesday, Mr. Guterres promised to address the many challenging issues facing the planet, in his speech next week to the General Assembly, which will also contain concrete recommendations for lasting solutions, and a call to action. .

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icc t20 champions trophy

Government agencies, with support from humanitarian organizations, launched extensive search and rescue operations and released emergency relief stocks. The Government released more than .3 million for emergency relief, but the extent of the damage requires additional resources to alleviate the suffering of those affected, OCHA said.,Close to one million people were forced to flee the conflict in Mosul.,President Akufo-Addo’s address to the Assembly’s 77th annual high-level debate centered largely on the issue of global economic challenges and the need of performative solutions for the African economies..

twenty twenty cricket games download,The UN agency has learned that many desperately poor people have taken to selling part of their food rations for education, medicines and rent.,“Their most urgent concern is to accessing safe water and sanitation facilities,” OCHA said earlier this week, citing national authorities..

He added that DRC is also facing “the worst outbreak of cholera in fifteen years,” as well as “an epidemic of sexual violence,” committed mainly against children.,As part of ongoing efforts to find a political solution to the crisis, Russia, the United States and the UN will reconvene in Geneva on 25 June to continue discussions on the holding of an international conference on Syria.,The UN agency has appealed for million to urgently meet the growing needs of displaced Congolese and the communities hosting them in the eastern and south-central provinces of North and South Kivu, Tanganyika and the Kasai..

Mr. Cochrane explained that after an earthquake, “a sense of terror,” was often experienced, as people struggled with differentiating between “what’s an aftershock and what’s actually the beginning of the next major one.”,UN Secretary-General António Guterres was deeply saddened by reports of the loss of lives and destruction in Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Tonga, according to a statement issued on Sunday by his Spokesperson.,Mr. Guterres expressed deep gratitude to all who have contributed the funding that which has allowed UNRWA to maintain its vital services, noting the agency’s own extraordinary measures to reduce its expenditures by an additional million. .

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“Acute fuel shortages are rapidly exhausting the last coping capacities of the health system in Gaza, which is struggling with chronic shortages of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and electricity”, said Gerald Rockenschaub, Head of the WHO Office for the West Bank and Gaza.,Almost a million Rohingya refugees live in the Cox’s Bazar district under tarpaulins, on steep, sandy slopes – 25,000 of whom have been have been identified as at the highest risk of landslides.,Those sheltering in camps are highly likely to find themselves in close contact with their neighbours, whether they like it or not..

twenty twenty cricket games download,This is the fourth January in a row that more than 200 migrants and refugees have drowned trying to reach Europe on unauthorized routes, often crammed into unsuitable boats supplied by traffickers, the agency said in a statement.,Mr. Ruto announced that his Government has made more land available for the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), to facilitate the upgrading of its complex..

This year, the International Day focuses on Target C of the Sendai Framework, reducing disaster economic losses in relation to global GDP by 2030. Agreed by UN Member States, in 2015, the Sendai Framework includes seven targets and four priorities for action to reduce disaster risk.,According to the UN World Food Programme (WFP), while ending conflict is crucial, making national and local systems of relief more robust, is equally important.,The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) remains on an “epidemiological knife-edge” regarding the spread of deadly Ebola disease, despite the quick response by authorities and international partners to the threat, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday..

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“The humanitarian impact of home demolition is severe and long lasting. It is well documented in previous instances that the transfer of Bedouin communities into urban settings is socially and economically non-viable. The Khan al Ahmar-Abu al Helu community has repeatedly called for the provision of suitable planning solutions and services in its current location,” Mr. Anderson added.,Mr. Menfi went on to stress that national reconciliation would be critical to any political process and to achieving political stability. Therefore, the Libyan leadership had made this its utmost priority. It had established the High Commission for national reconciliation and launched the comprehensive reconciliation on 6 September.  ,In parallel coverage, Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) called urgently for a ceasefire and a lasting settlement to the Yemen conflict, while advocating for vitally-needed support for refugees globally..

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twenty twenty cricket games download,“But a longer-term solution is long overdue. Children in Al Hol, like all children affected by conflict, have the right to humanitarian assistance,” stressed Ms. Fore. ,He also cited strides in food production, making Brazil one of the world’s largest food exporters, as well as achievements in the area of sustainable development, including ensuring that more than 80 per cent of the Amazon Forest remains untouched and modernizing the biofuel industry..

“Why do the decisions of the Security Council remain in their overwhelming majority sheer certificates attesting violations? Why are international law and international agreements not implemented? Why do strategies and programmes, aiming at creating better conditions for people that are suffering, remain wishful thinking?” he added.,The United Nations and its partners are carrying out rapid assessments and scaling up support to the Government’s emergency response. In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) has deployed experts to strengthen surveillance and early warning systems and is working to ensure that essential drugs are available in newly-created camps for displaced families.,“UNICEF estimates that among the returnees more than 80,000 are children, and these children are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance,” spokesperson Christophe Boulierac told journalists in Geneva..

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icc t20 champions trophy

Ms. Luescher stressed that it is essential that commercial imports, which accounts for 90 per cent of the country’s food requirements, also be allowed in to Yemen, as the UN can not feed the entire population, and that continued access to Hudaydah and Saleef is especially vital as those ports are equipped with unloading, storage and milling facilities.,“When conflict develops to this extent, many people have no choice but to flee if they are to have any chance of survival. The only way to enable refugees to return home, and to bring down the overall numbers worldwide, is to end conflicts themselves.”,Click here for 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for South Sudan..

twenty twenty cricket games download,Discussions ensued about countries simultaneously experiencing droughts and flooding; unsustainable patterns of production and consumption; and plastic pollution filling oceans and killing fish, “even as waves of rising seas drown shorelines,” he continued.,For Mr. Song, it is “the desire of the international community to see peaceful resolution of the issue of the Korean peninsula in the interests of the Korean nation.” .

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For António Guterres, these technologies can help older citizens stay connected with loved ones, attend a religious service or take a stance. ,mumbai indians.yesterdays maych,“Violence and intercommunal clashes have gotten worse here this year […] and this has huge implications, including humanitarian organizations not able to access areas and people in need of assistance,” she said, in Mopti (central Mali), where nearly a million people desperately await protection and humanitarian assistance.,WHO has appealed to partners for .5 million for continued support in 2018, which is part of the 3.1 million being sought by all health partners under the Joint Response Plan for the Rohingya crisis..

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“The United Nations continues to receive reports of escalating fighting in East Ghouta and shelling on Damascus,” UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric told reporters at the daily UN Headquarters press briefing.,icc t20 champions trophy,In addition, the applications of space technology and newer domains, including big data, are vital for developing countries, explained the UN office.,Agencies are on the ground supporting the Government-led response and targeting 191,000 of the most vulnerable, with shelter, food, clean water and other life-saving assistance..

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“Some will bear the physical and psychological scars for life due to exposure to unprecedented brutality,” he added, pointing out that over one million children were forced to leave their homes.,new state mobile gameplay,There, he visited a school meals site where WFP is delivering date bars for schoolchildren, a food distribution point, and residents of Zamalka who benefit from WFPs food assistance.,Now that we have this deal, there is no reason not to move forward expeditiously with the political process – UN envoy De Mistura.

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Accounts from Mandera indicate that both the TFG and Al-Shabaab are mobilizing their forces for a possible confrontation, Ms. Amos said, voicing growing concern at reports of a rising civilian toll attributable to all parties to the conflict. “I again urge all parties to the conflict and AMISOM [the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia] to comply with international humanitarian law in order to minimize harm to the civilians,” she added.,new delhi capital kab bani,The agency continues to prioritize safe water and hygiene, giving more than 400,000 affected people, including children, access to drinking water and purification tablets – fundamental actions that save lives and prevents the outbreak and transmission of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and diarrhoea.,“The well-being of 2 million people, half of whom are children, is at stake. It is unacceptable that Palestinians in Gaza are repeatedly deprived of the most basic elements of a dignified life,” he added..

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twenty twenty cricket games download

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), southern Luzon, one of the worst affected regions, is home to more than 35,000 Filipino migrants forced to return amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.  ,At the same time, he stressed that any potential UN aid to respond to the urgent and necessary humanitarian needs must enhance Iraq’s capability to rebuild destroyed infrastructure in a way that would help our cities and people, including Internally displaced persons (IDPs) to return to normal life.,His country would continue to work for the peaceful reunification with sincerity, he said, adding that, to realize this goal it must combat separatist activities with the firmest resolve and take the most forceful steps to oppose external interference..

Focused on the key role young people play in shaping a better future for food, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is holding an online event with testimonies and perspectives from youth representatives.,Civilians bear the brunt of the armed conflict in CAR, which is driven largely by fighting between a dozen or so armed groups over cattle routes and lands rich in diamonds, gold and uranium.,“I commend and encourage the health emergency preparedness initiative implemented by the World Health Organization (WHO),” he continued. “The.

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The UN chief emphasized that MINUSCA personnel “enjoy privileges and immunities which are held in the interest of the United Nations”, he said, in line with the 2014 Status of Forces Agreement between the Organization and the Government of the CAR. ,To that end, India was using drones to map over 600,000 villages to give people digital records of their homes and lands, a process that will reduce property disputes and give people increased access to credit and bank loans.   ,In eastern Syria, persistent fighting around Hajin has forced thousands on a long, arduous journey almost 300 km to the north, to Al-Hol camp for internally displaced people..

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Vaccines should not be a matter of ideology or politics because saving lives should not be ideological or political, he continued, urging regulations at the national, regional, and international level to authorize various types of vaccines “based on facts, leaving politics out of the equation.”,“Yet, our true measure of success remains our willingness and ability to engage in dialogue and to put our faith in the multilateral system”, he said.,“For decades, the children of Yemen have been living in fear and danger. They are now living through the hell of civil war and many have had to flee across the Red Sea, to Djibouti via Bab-El-Mandeb – the Gate of Tears,” explained UNICEF UK's Ambassador, speaking from Markazi refugee camp, located just outside the northern city of Obock..

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“The UN team, with the Government of Sudan is working to ensure that people are not in reception centres for more than two days before being transferred to more proper facilities in refugee camps,” he said.  ,Since the crisis began, UN agencies have ramped up their relief efforts, including conducting a massive immunization campaign that inoculated more than 700,000 people against cholera, as well as providing food assistance to hundreds of thousands of refugees.,In a new report issued just yesterday, the UN warned that hundreds of thousands in Somalia are already facing starvation with staggering levels of malnutrition expected among children under five. This is the third time in 10 years that Somalia has been threatened with a devastating famine..

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“It is a painful and shameful situation for a country endowed with vast fertile land to be regarded as poor,” she added.  ,Recalling that COVID-19 had pushed Africa into the worst recession for half a century, he said: “The World Bank observed, last Thursday, that the global economy was enduring its steepest slowdown since 1970. Two years ago, our world came to a thundering halt, as we cowered from a health pandemic from an unknown, malicious virus, coupled with a devastating global economic pandemic. High budget deficits were no longer a concern of only developing nations.”,During his visit, Mr. Beasley spent two days in the capital, Pyongyang, meeting with senior government officials, and two days visiting WFP projects in different parts of the country..

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Mr. Modi said that his country’s priority was that development should be all-inclusive, all-pervasive, universal and one that nurtures all.  ,The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has seven metric tons of high energy biscuits in Mandera ready for distribution, while the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has delivered more therapeutic feeding supplies to cope with the additional caseload of malnourished children.,Every 10 minutes, a child is dying from diseases that can be easily prevented – UNICEF Regional Director.

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It was this kind of foundational work “over many, many years” in the climate change versus rights nexus that work culminated in two landmark resolutions at the Council this year on climate and environmental rights, Ambassador Khan explained. ,“UNHCR is monitoring called a deteriorating situation in south and central Somalia where sporadic fighting has continued to be reported in the towns of Doolow, Bulo Hawo, Luuq, Elwaaq, Dhoobley, Diif and Taabdo,” Adrian Edwards, the agency’s spokesperson in Geneva, told a news conference.,“However,” Dr. Khetrapal Singh warned “much of the health sector’s capacity to respond depends on availability of resources.”.

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For Palestinians an education is a passport to dignity. This is not a good outcome, but it’s the best possible outcome - Chris Gunness, UNRWA,“At the same time, we talked about the remaining challenges because we are not out of the woods yet by any stretch of the imagination,” he added.,A similar examination on economic systems, which have left many behind and made the poor even more vulnerable, is also required and, in light of political and distribution failures of the pandemic, the fight against corruption must continue..

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Organized by OCHA and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) together with the Governments of Germany, Nigeria and Norway, on 3-4 September in Berlin, the conference seeks to maintain the momentum from last year’s Oslo conference and increase and expand international support.,He also spoke of “significant concerns” for the safety of civilians in Deir-ez-Zor, in eastern Syria, as well for displaced families returning home to Raqqa, the former stronghold of the ISIL terrorist group, despite the area remaining highly contaminated by explosive hazards.,“Without a global response based on international law and collective responsibility, we risk much greater instability and insecurity over the long term, which would have a negative impact on all countries,” concluded Ms. Jolie..

twenty twenty cricket games download,Flash floods last month worsened the situation, said Peter Hawkins, the head of UNICEF operations in Iraq.,According to the agency, about 230,000 people, over half of whom are estimated to be children, have been displaced since April due to flooding. They join around 2.6 million people across the country who have already been affected by drought and conflict..

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