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“Albania fully supports a more effective UN agenda through a more integrated peace and security architecture, with peacekeeping operations being vital instruments and a flagship activity of the United Nations. We support the recent initiative of the Secretary General – Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) – and we have endorsed the Declaration on this initiative.”,ugc gudeliness for icc,This year’s harvest was largely exempted from the decree, said UNODC, and farmers in Afghanistan must now decide on planting opium poppy for next year amid continued uncertainty about how the Taliban will enforce the ban.,Projections estimate that a six-month disruption in antiretroviral therapy could lead to more than 500,000 AIDS-related deaths in 2020–2021, including through a rise tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa, according to research conducted by a scientific modelling group convened by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO)..

If the global illicit trade was eliminated overnight, governments would see an immediate gain of at least billion in revenue; and according to studies, beginning in 2030, more than 160,000 lives could be saved per year, that would otherwise be lost to tobacco-related illness.,He was indicted by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 1997 on seven counts of genocide and crimes against humanity.,“Even by Syria's atrocious standards, these are exceptionally deplorable developments – and a cruel irony given that both have been declared 'de-escalation areas',” he added.,vegas odds orioles win world series.

ugc gudeliness for icc

At the 1993 Conference, 171 States adopted the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, to strengthen human rights around the world. It was widely viewed as the blueprint for rights in the post-Cold-War era.,vegas odds on yankee game tonight,Ms. Patten expressed hope that the Somali Government would instead reintroduce another draft law from 2018 that is centred on survivors..

Beside national delegations, some 500 representatives of disability NGOs are expected to attend the session.,“Much remains to be done to ensure justice for the many other terrible crimes that have been committed in CAR since 2002, not least the large-scale violations and abuses committed over the past three years. However I hope this judgement will act as a powerful deterrent against future serious human rights violations and abuses not just in CAR, but everywhere they are committed,” Mr. Zeid underlined, adding that it should also help make perpetrators understand that many victims and their supporters will never abandon their search for justice and accountability.,vegas odds orioles win world series,In his prize-giving speech, Mr. Guterres called on other world leaders to draw lessons from India and apply them in their own circumstances to “win the race against climate change.”.

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Ms. Patten expressed hope that the Somali Government would instead reintroduce another draft law from 2018 that is centred on survivors.,Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, praised the lifting of Iranian sanctions, which coincided with the prisoners’ release, and made a special appeal to the Iranian authorities “to spare no effort in addressing long-standing human rights concerns repeatedly raised by the UN human rights mechanisms, especially the alarming surge in executions this past year, increasing restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assemblies, women’s rights, discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities, and the ongoing prosecution of journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders.”,The statement added that Mr. Guterres hoped “the political parties will now join their efforts in translating their commitment into concrete agreements that will benefit all Salvadorians.”.

ugc gudeliness for icc,“We also urge all those celebrating, or protesting, to do so in a peaceful fashion,” he added.,I was motivated to grow avocados when a new avocado oil processing plant was established within the Integrated Agro Industries Park (IAIP) near my village..

“Belarus is far from breaking away from the standard of the last two decades during which it has been the only nation in Europe with no modicum of pluralism in its Parliament,” the expert said, and also expressed concern that the Central Election Commission has retained the same chairperson for 20 years, and that the composition of all electoral bodies is decided by either the president or local state authorities.,On Monday, the Intergovernmental Conference on an international legally binding instrument kicked off its third of four rounds of UN meetings toward achieving a global treaty for the oceans under the UN Convention for the Law of the Sea, known as UNCLOS.,There have been 11 outbreaks of Ebola across DRC overall, including one currently underway in western Equateur Province. The large outbreak in the east, which is the focus of the abuse allegations, was officially declared over on 25 June after nearly two years, killing around 2,280..

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“It is our duty to do it”, because we cannot accept the return of these ideologies, he concluded.,vegas odds on yankee game tonight,According to Mr. Zeid's Office, since the military coup of 2014, the Thai Government has issued a number of new orders to strengthen the role of the military in policy-making and law enforcement after years of political upheaval and violent protests..

In the news release, the human rights experts also highlighted that the expiry of DACA offers a “unique opportunity” for regularization of many migrants who have strong economic, social, cultural and family links in the UN, and whose contribution to society is unquestionable.,“The Secretary-General recalls that the people of Yemen have suffered grave human rights violations. OHCHR is actively and effectively helping to document these violations and promote and protect their rights, while strengthening justice and accountability,” the statement said.,vegas odds orioles win world series,The four men, arrested today and yesterday following a warrant issued on 20 November by Judge Cuno Tarfusser, include Mr. Bemba's Lead Counsel Aimé Kilolo Musamba taken into custody by Belgian authorities, and Jean-Jacques Mangenda Kabongo, a member of Mr Bemba's defence team and case manager, who was arrested in the Netherlands..

“All national actors and their international partners must work together to prevent the country from sliding into serious instability by ensuring that the rule of law, the Constitution and international human rights standards are upheld in resolving the issues facing the country,” she added.,vegas odds orioles win world series,Among those killed were three children who lost their lives in shelling by Houthi forces in Al Qahirah district (northern Taizz) on 6 February; and a woman working as field monitor for the Yemen National Commission of Inquiry in Salh district on 8 Ferbruary.,The initiative is all the more crucial for Africa as nearly three-quarters of the continent is under-35, noted Daniel Schatz, Programme Officer with the UNODC in New York..

“In Kachin state, where sporadic violence and intermittent killings have been the norm in recent years, there has been an increase in the frequency and intensity of clashes between the Tatmadaw [Myanmar’s armed forces] and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) since October 2017, resulting in deaths and the displacement of the civilian population,” Ms. Lee said in her report to the Human Rights Council.,“We are committed to working closely with all … countries of the Sahel and other partners whose initiatives fit under the Strategy.”,“While the reduction in remittances will not fall evenly on all families, nor across all continents, societal impacts will be substantial and sustained”, he told UN News via e-mail.,vegas odds on yankee game tonight.

In a special interview for UN News conducted this week by newly-appointed head of Global Communications, Melissa Fleming, Mr. Guterres lamented that “we are not on track” to meet a 2030 deadline in many aspects, highlighting that the first-ever SDG summit on 24 and 25 September, will inject more momentum.   ,mumbai indians tshsrt,He opened the in-person High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) “on a note characterized by high hope and optimism” arguing that “we can and shall overcome our challenges”.  ,"This year…we acknowledge the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle”, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, President of the UN General Assembly, said in a statement marking the annual day, noting that bike use extends “from the most affluent nations, to developing and the least-developed countries”..

To address this issue, the Committee has issued guidance for the 166 states that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to help them empower women and girls with disabilities and to enable them to participate in all spheres of life on an equal basis with others, as set out expressly in Article 6 of the Convention.,Wearing a worn plastic sheet wrapped around her tiny waist, barista-style, and an oversize quilt jacket that’s more of a sponge than a barrier to the rain, the 38-year-old mother-of-four heads out into the plantation to start her eight-hour shift. ,“We need to address their specific needs now while building back”.,vegas odds orioles win world series.

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“Yet, tragically, people with albinism continue to suffer widespread discrimination, stigma and social exclusion,” he added, stressing also the importance of enabling people with the condition to enjoy their full human rights.,“In a global context that is increasingly fragmented, multipolar, and in constant evolution, we are convinced, in fact, that the international community needs more effective multilateralism and a United Nations that is strengthened in its role as a pillar of an international system based on peace, justice and equity,” said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the second day of the Assembly’ annual general debate.,According to OHCHR, between 4 and 9 February, at least 277 civilians are reported to have been killed, with 230 among them in airstrikes by the Syrian Government and its allies. A further 812 civilians are reported to have been injured..

ugc gudeliness for icc,“Although this breakthrough is complicated and much more work is needed, it gives us great hope for the future that we could potentially end AIDS with science, through a vaccine or a cure,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS.,“Together we can promote integrity, stop criminals from exploiting sport for illicit gain and harness the power of sport as a force for development and peace.”.

Questioning why, in 2018, the Secretary-General should need to confirm the UN’s zero-tolerance policy for sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adults, Ms. Gilmore stated: “The UN must own its shame.”,Mr. Guterres noted that digital technology is changing economies and societies “at warp speed” and the scale and pace of change is “unprecedented.”,In presenting Youth 2030: The United Nations Youth Strategy, he called it “the UN’s strategy to engage with, but especially to empower young people.”.

The fifth day of the HLPF on Sustainable Development also focused on Goal 15, for the protection of nature and its ecosystems. Member States committed to safeguarding biodiversity, combating desertification, sustainably managing forests and halting land degradation, all of which define the quality of our food and water supplies, are job-generating activities, and are therefore essential components for human health and well-being.,In that context, he highlighted the importance of the full implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and recalled his Strategy to support Financing the 2030 Agenda, which he launched ahead of this year’s high-level general debate at the UN General Assembly.,UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov said that throughout the coming year, the agency is looking forward to continuing its lead role in the UN’s strategic work on drug issues..

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The COVID-19 crisis has cut off commutes, and group activities involving travel of all kinds, throwing recreational sports around the world into a deep freeze. But cycling has not only proved to be largely pandemic-proof, it seems to be growing in popularity in many cities, including the home of UN Headquarters – New York. ,“The 2030 Agenda cannot be achieved by Governments alone”, Ms. Mohammed said. “To address the needs of the most vulnerable in communities around the world, we need a bolder approach to partnership, a dynamically engaged business community, and new forms of sustainability financing.”,More than 350 high-level members of the judiciary, who gathered for the event, discussed key topics, with a view to present recommendations on strengthening judicial integrity at the global level..

ugc gudeliness for icc,Through a development impact bond, the investments include a platform that encourages healthy sexual and reproductive habits, and HIV prevention in Kenya. Madagascar will use a variety of financial instruments, including a newly established sovereign fund, to finance renewable energy projects, and expand access to affordable, sustainable energy.  ,The Human Rights Committee is composed of 18 independent experts who are not UN staff and serve in their personal capacity. They are elected for a term of four years by States parties in accordance with articles 28 to 39 of the Covenant and may be re-elected if nominated..

Ahmed Kerroumi reportedly disappeared on 19 April and his body was found in his office four days later. He was a professor at the University of Oran, and member of the opposition party Democratic and Social Movement and the Oran section of the National Coordination for Change and Democracy.,“We have addressed the situation in Taiz in numerous public statements, including earlier this week at a press briefing in Geneva,” he stressed. “The fact that that briefing and other public statements have also focused on casualties caused by coalition forces, including through the apparent use of cluster submunitions, is a reflection of the unfortunate realities on the ground in Yemen, not a sign of bias.”,It said the UN chief “calls on all those in position of power to refrain from denying the seriousness of the crimes that have been adjudicated and notes that accountability constitutes an essential step for reconciliation in the region.” .

A relentless advocate for victims, Ms. Murad was recently named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2016.”,Turning to the “outrageous attacks” made by Mr. Duterte against Agnes Callamard, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial summary or arbitrary Executions, Mr. Zeid stressed: “These attacks cannot go unanswered.”,Here are five things to look out for at UNGA 75..